The Nordic Music Days is one of the oldest music festivals in the world. It is the composers own festival and moves annually between the Nordic countries. October 10 to 13 it is Stockholm's turn to host the festival. At three locations around the city center, more than fifty contemporary works by Nordic composers will be performed by some of our best soloists and ensembles.

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On October 17 EMS is pleased to present Tom Bugs (Bristol, England). Tom brings to EMS his BugBrand Modular for an intimate talk and hands-on demonstration session. Tom's approaches and designs can be seen as a mix of technology, art and business - while the world goes crazy for Euro-Rack, Tom has ploughed his own furrow, building a complete and distinct system from the ground up. He talks about why he likes to walk his own way, why bananas rule and why electronic design feels like cookery.

The presentation starts 18:30 and is approximately two hours long. After the presentation you are welcome to ask questions and test instruments.

Tom Bugs @ EMS

Heldag med EMS i Bucky Dome

Nyfiken på musik från Elektronmusikstudion, EMS? Bege dig till Moderna Museet lördag den 25 augusti. En orgie i ljud och ljus utlovas.

Sommaren 1971 intogs trädgården utanför Moderna Museet av kupoltältet Bucky Dome, ett genreöverskridande konstprojekt som kombinerade musik, konst, design och arkitektur. 41 år senare har tältet rests igen.

Från maj till september 2012 bjuder museet på Skeppsholmen i Stockholm in till konserter, workshoppar och performance i Bucky Dome. Lördag den 25 augusti har turen kommit till Elektronmusikstudion, EMS, att inta scenen.

Nytt elektroniskt blandas med gammalt. Under dagen, 10-17.00, spelas ett hela sju timmar långt program med musik från de senaste 50 åren på EMS. Utställningen Propro Prop – Kors och tvärs genom Elektronmusikstudions arkiv 1965–2012, som under sommaren visas på Moderna Museet i Malmö, flyttas till Stockholm för en dag.

Senare på kvällen, 20-22.00, bjuds det på en formidabel ljud- och ljusexplosion med framträdanden av sex ljudkonstnärer med koppling till EMS. Internationellt uppmärksammade Hanna Hartman, Daniel M Karlsson, som arbetar med mötet mellan musik och rörlig bild, Daniel Skoglund med sina teckningsseqensers, studiochefen Mats Lindström, som framför sin signaturmelodi One (for David Tudor), en gång beställd av Moderna Museet, samt Kim Hedås, tonsättare som i år är dubbelaktuell på arkitekturbiennalen i Venedig, här i nytt samarbete med EMS ingenjör Daniel Araya med analoga ljussensationer. Program:

I samband med EMS program i Bucky Dome får Moderna Museet även besök av den japanske konstnären Sadaharu Horio. Hans perfomance pågår under hela dagen och kvällen.

John Cage (1912–1992) räknas som en av de riktiga pionjärerna inom den elektroakustiska musiken. I år skulle den experimentella konstnären och kompositören ha fyllt 100 år. Mellan den 2 och 9 september uppmärksammas jubileet med flera programpunkter i Bucky Dome och inne på Moderna Museet, i samarbete med bland andra EMS.

Programmet i Bucky Dome

Lyssna till tonerna från Bucky Dome

Läs mer om utställningen Propro Prop

We are back after a great summer culminating in Norbergfestval that was full of DIY! Anyone who is interested in building, modifying or repairing synthesizers and other devices is very welcome to join us for a nice DIY mingle!

This time we have no special theme but intend try to find out what our visitors are interested to do this fall/winter. Maybe some workshops or a collective project of some sort?

Feel free to bring you own constructions, drawings, sketches etc. Soldering-irons and ordinary tools can be borrowed on location. We are open 18.00 to 22.00. Adress: EMS, Söder Mälarstrand 61, near T-bana Mariatorget, Stockholm. Any queries should be adressed to: . Write "DIY" in the subject line.

"Meaning and Meaningfulness in Electroaucustic Music" - Welcome to the EMS12 Conference at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm!

It is the EMS Network's hope that the conference theme - Meaning and Meaningfulness - will inspire broad interest among the electroacoustic music community, including composers, performers, musicologists as well as other related disciplines.

For more information on the conference please see:

The Conference Fee for participants resident in Sweden should be paid into Statens Musikverks bankgiro: 796-4000 with reference "EMS12 (and your name)". Students: 500 SEK, others: 1500 SEK. Please show proof of payment when registering on Monday 11 June, 13-15.00 hrs at The Royal College of Music.

Sergej Tchirkov is one of Russia's top accordionists and one of the most dedicated interpreters of contemporary music. After a workshop and concert in Gothenburg, he will swing by EMS to perform and talk about an ongoing project with accordion and electronics.

He has a large repertoire and extensive knowledge of new playing techniques, and  is happy to answer any questions.

Welcome to EMS!

An artis't presentation by Zbigniew Karkowski at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (StDH),
Valhallavägen 189, on 8 May 14-16.00.

Karkowski is one of the most influential electronic music composers working today. Linking the worlds of modern composition and industrial music he is a pivotal figure in the development of advanced noise. Constantly on the road, he is a frequent performer on the geographical fringes of experimental music culture as well as a mainstay on the established festival circuit.

Anyone who is interested in building, modifying or repairing
synthesizers and other devices is very welcome to join us!

The DIY gathering is open between 18.00 and 22.00  
Adress: EMS, Söder Mälarstrand 61, near T-bana Mariatorget, Stockholm.

Feel free to bring you own constructions, drawings, sketches etc.
Soldering-irons and ordinary tools can be borrowed on location.

Any queries should be adressed to:
Write "DIY" in the subject line.