An Artist presentation by Halldor Ulfarsson and Alex Reynolds will be held at VEMS monthly meeting at EMS on Sunday 17.00-21.00. All are welcome!

More information can be found on VEMS website

Alla som är intresserade av att bygga, modifiera eller reparera syntar och andra (o)ljudslådor är varmt välkomna till oss för ett trevligt DIY-mingel

Inget speciellt tema denna gång förutom titt på besökarnas projekt och koll på framstegen med Phutneyprojektet (VCS3 klon).

Vi har öppet mellan klockan 18.00 och 22.00 och adress är EMS, Söder Mälarstrand 61, Stockholm. Ingen föranmälan behövs.

Ta gärna med egna byggen, scheman och skisser. Lödkolvar och vanliga verktyg finns att låna.
Har ni några frågor så maila och märk brevet "DIY".

Between 27 January - 3 February check out "The Embassy Reconstructed"
A sonic investigation of the phenomenon “the Embassy” by six artists with the support of a chamber music ensemble:

Brandon LaBelle, Jacob Kirkegaard, Juliana Hodkinson, Liv Strand,
Susanne Skog, Åsa Stjerna and KNM, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin.

For more info, check:

Releasekonsert Xtra högtalare på Fylkingen
Datum: 25 Januari 2013 - 19:30

Musik av Girilal Baars, Eva Erbenius, Helene Hedsund, Magnus Johansson,
Mathias Josefson, Boa Pettersson och Leonard Tsouo.

Fri entré.

The programme for Art's Birthday Party 2013 is now ready.

Twenty acts on five different stages at Södra Teatern in Stockholm,
and live on Swedish Radio between 21-24.00!

Art's Birthday Party 2013

This time with Roman Filippov. For more information in Swedish check:

The switchboard is finally working again!

You can find our telephone numbers under "contacts".

Don't miss Sound of Stockholm 2012! Check out this years Programme:

EMS' switchboard is not working due to a power cut. You can reach us on:  

Mats Lindström             +46-70-306 66 25
Daniel Araya                 +46-70-306 66 75
Gabrielle Karlsén          +46-70-306 56 94
Ylva Skog (no mobile) (Mo, Tu & Fri)

The Nordic Music Days is one of the oldest music festivals in the world. It is the composers own festival and moves annually between the Nordic countries. October 10 to 13 it is Stockholm's turn to host the festival. At three locations around the city center, more than fifty contemporary works by Nordic composers will be performed by some of our best soloists and ensembles.

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On October 17 EMS is pleased to present Tom Bugs (Bristol, England). Tom brings to EMS his BugBrand Modular for an intimate talk and hands-on demonstration session. Tom's approaches and designs can be seen as a mix of technology, art and business - while the world goes crazy for Euro-Rack, Tom has ploughed his own furrow, building a complete and distinct system from the ground up. He talks about why he likes to walk his own way, why bananas rule and why electronic design feels like cookery.

The presentation starts 18:30 and is approximately two hours long. After the presentation you are welcome to ask questions and test instruments.

Tom Bugs @ EMS