Kerstin Möller is a multi-disciplinary artist rooted in sound art, audio-visual research, visual arts, installation and expanded choreographic practice based in Berlin /Hannover/Stockholm.

Her practice involves live performance, experimental
composition and long term audio-visual research for film
and stage productions. Being interested in alienation, spatial belonging and the ecological crisis, she creates atmospheric audiovisual spaces synthesizing natural phenomena, beat making, her voice and the practice of prepared piano,
oscillating between sonic poetry and infrastructure blues.

Her work engages with geopolitical, ecological, spatial and
social implications of climate change, spatial violence and
critical feminist theory.

In 2020 she co-founded Embrace Platform, a nomadic arts platform supporting structures of care and awareness around themes of gender equality, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary identities, human rights and how alliances between movements can be built.

During her time in Stockholm, she will be working at EMS periodically.