EMS welcomes Thomas Bey William Bailey for a couple of weeks in September! He is a sound artist, author, and educator who has worked and lived in Japan, Spain, Central Europe and various U.S. locales. His output in both text and audio media has focused heavily upon the extremes of information, and on the identification of what is truly meaningful and constructive within the conditions of information saturation and deprivation. 

Thomas Bailey
Photo: Michael Esposito

Ryoko uses EMS synthi and objects to create sonic experiences, and often deals with text to produce the minimal, reductive and cumulative compositions. She is currently a candidate PhD at the University of Huddersfield (UK) exploring Japanese aesthetics of sound, silence and space. An interview with her can be found in the Wire magazine issue July 2013. She runs Melange Edition label and co-edits Reductive Journal.


Andrea Taeggi is an Italian musician residing in Berlin. After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he had the chance to deepen his experience in acoustic improvised music working with a variety of ensembles of the lively Dutch improv scene (using prepared piano, percussion, a.o.) he delved into electronic music. Nowadays he's part of the duo Lumisokea (Opal Tapes/Anti-vj) which released already 5 records (https://lumisokea.bandcamp.com/) and has a forthcoming one on American label Digitalis due in late September.

Andrea Taeggi4

Moisés Horta was born in San Diego, California in 1988 but was raised south of the border in hectic Tijuana, México. After playing in post-punk bands he began developing a style of ambient, wall-of-sound recording techniques and noise-pop laden minimal electronic music under the alias Kixly. Between 2006 and 2009 he promoted a string of shows in Tijuana with Portland based experimental electronic artists that included Lucky Dragons, YACHT and Bobby Birdman, as well as a seminar by danish born composer Goodiepal, that focused on his teachings of Radical Computer Music.

.Moises Horta


Annelie Nederberg is a composer and performer from Sweden currently based in the UK, pursuing an AHRC funded PhD in Musical Composition at University of Surrey. Annelie has a passion for the performing arts and composes for contemporary dance, theatre and film as well as acousmatic music.

David Edren Mark Rietveld

Photo: Mark Rietveld

David Edren is an electronic music composer from Antwerp, working mostly with analog synthesizers. He performs live under the "DSR Lines" moniker. He also runs the Hare Akedod tape label, specializing in experimental and improvisational music. During his stay in Stockholm he will perform at Fylkingen on October 8th.