Stephen McEvoy (recording under the name tuuun) is an Irish artist working with sound. His work, which draws upon techno, noise and rave,
is a playful investigation of the potentialities of minimalism and improvisation. He is interested in the social possibilities that music offers, both
in dealing with traumatic past histories, and in presenting new Utopian ways forward.

During his time in Stockholm, he will be working at EMS periodically.


Marja Johansson is a Swedish-Finnish musician and composer based in Turku, Finland. Her main creative output is the solo moniker Tsembla.

Using electronics, modified samples of acoustic instrument,
non-instruments and environmental sounds, she makes music that rides on waves of warped melodies, abstract voices and mutating textures – rough edged compositions, rich in detail,
that come together into instrumental miniatures. She also composes music for dance performances and film.

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point 
has made it possible to invite Marja to work at EMS.



 Photo by Barbora Linka

tsembla brno.jpg

Based in Copenhagen Kristian Emdal works under several monikers performing world wide, his output being audible as well as visual. Visiting EMS Kristian Emdal will be collaborating with Loke Rahbek, continuing a series of electronic/physical dialogues across multiple genres and media with audio as a main focus. Besides the collaboration with Loke Rahbek, Kristian is currently working on sound for the screening of a silent film as well as working on a release as part of techno duo Age Coin.  

Kristian Emdal

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible for EMS to invite Kristian to work at EMS.

We are happy to see Lars back at EMS!

Lars Lundehave Hansen has been working in the fields of ambient/drones and noise for the past 16 years - as a soundartist, enthusiastic promotor of and dedicated performer in these fields. The usual works of Lars L. Hansen are often constructions, making a point of being constructions, that emit or react to sounds or noise. In an attempt to explore the relations between timbre / room and action / reaction the works often revolve around controlled randomness, manipulation, expectation, suspended animation as musical criteria and sound as a physical entity.

Photo: Sofie Amalie Klougart

We are happy to see Kiwa back at EMS for the last part of his residency!

KIWA (as sound artist Kiwanoid, born 1975) – multidisciplinary artist, lives and works in Tartu and Tallinn. Studied in Estonian Academy of Arts and Tartu University. 

He actively explores and blends different media, from conceptual objects to total audiovisual environments. His artistic practices include painting, objects and installation, video, performance, sound art, scenography, text, etc: all together functioning as a hypertextual research of meaning-making and cultural codes on different levels, collective and personal myths. 

Kiwanoid  byTerjeToomistu
Photo: Terje Toomistu

EMS welcomes Loke Rahbek! Loke is an artist and musician based in Copenhagen, Denmark. An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible for EMS to invite him to work at EMS.

Loke Rahbek2

 Photo: Jonas Bang