Resident artists Vinyl Terror and Horror spent two weeks at EMS in November and among onther things performed at the Sound of Stockholm festival. VTH uses heavily modified record players and vinyl reords to create multi layered compositions of noise, klicks and fragments of music and speech.
During their stay at EMS they cooperated with studio engineer Daniel  Araya to use EMS computer controlled milling machine to create a number of innovative records and tools for their live performances.
You can find out more about them at their homepage:

Horizontal and vertical holes cut in one recod and then many matchning pieces cut from another record.
Depending on the direction of thacks in the inserted piece the needle moves on the recod creating both a mash up of the different records and a simple sequencer


Jigsaw puzzle pieces cut out from different records and the put together.


A 7 inch circle was cut out and then glued back in a different position


A 7 inch circle was cut out and then glued back in a different position, the process then repeated multiple times.


A stylized photo of a crop circle diamond engraved in a Beethoven record. No mathematical secrets revealed so far but you never know!


If you are interested in more technical details continue reading below.



This months synth-DIY meeting was a great success, Nils Edvardsson showed some of his creations, a wave table oscillator and a switched capacitor filter and we looked at a couple of other interesting projects.

We also decided to do a workshop in early 2012 where the participants will build a custom version of the Benjolin noisemaker, stay tuned!



EMS presents the Synth DIY gathering  on Wednesday November 30
Anyone who is interested in building, modifying or repairing synthesizers and other devices is very welcome to join us. Don't expect tuition led by a teacher, but rather a forum where we learn from eachother. Nevertheless, we will organize lectures, workshops and DIY evenings for beginners and advanced builders alike, within the context of these get-togethers.

This time inventor and musician Nils Edvardsson will bring some of his prototypes for public testing. His latest projects include a Buchla inspired wave table oscillator with USB, a switched capacitor filter and voltage controlled digital delays and granular synthesis modules. His modules feature full analog interfaces and mixed micro controlled and analog circuitry on the inside.

Some of our attendants will also start planning a project building a series of Rob Hordijks "Benjolin" (gör ordet till länk: noise box with a nice front panel by Jon Nensén

Feel free to bring you own constructions, drawings, sketches etc. Soldering-irons and ordinary tools can be borrowed on location. 
Any queries should be adressed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Write "DIY" in the subject line.
Wednesday the 30:th of November from 18:00-22:00 is our next date. Adress: EMS, Söder Mälarstrand 61, near T-bana Mariatorget, Stockholm.

benjolin kretskort

Monitor sänder direkt från Inkonst i Malmö i samarbete med EMS

Artister: Lauren Hayes, Ida Lundén, Pär Thörn

Datum: 23/11

Tid: 20:00

Rum: Klubben

Kursen består av 10 timmars undervisning fördelad på fyra tillfällen.


måndag 5/12

onsdag 7/12

måndag 12/12

onsdag 14/12

Tid: kl.18:00 - ca 21:00 inkl.paus

Plats: Konferensrummet på EMS

Max antal deltagare: 8 st.

Lärare: Lise-Lotte Norelius

Pris: 600:- inkl. moms för EMS-användare

Du måste ha lap-top med dig.

Kursen är fullbokad. Anmäl intresse till:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It´s time for Sound of Stockholm!