EMS’ Guest Composer Phil Julian has under both the Cheapmachines alias and his own name been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990′s. Studio recordings and live performances have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly unstable and/or chaotic systems – modular analogue synthesizers, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.

Phil Julian

Alex Reynolds (Bilbao, 1978) lives and works in Berlin. In recent years she has produced a series of time-based projects, concerned with the experiential aspect of encountering art and how a viewer positions him or herself in relation to narrative and to others. 

Alex Reynolds

Reynolds' solo shows and site-specific projects include Spinario, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (2012), Boom, Bilbao (2012) But They Are Not You, MAP, Stockholm (2012), We Can Hear You Drink, BcnProducció ’11, Barcelona (2011), and Clara, ECCM, Barcelona (2010). Group exhibitions include Time Space Poker Face, BePart, Waregem (2013), A Trip to the Moon. Before and After Film, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (2012), Texto de Sala, Galerie Crèvecoeur, París (2012), Before Everything, CA2M, Madrid (2010), and video festivals and screenings such as B Sides of the History of Video Art in Spain, (2011-2013), Pre-Historique, Les Reencontres Internationales, Jeu de Paume, Paris; and MNCARS, Madrid (2010). 

JG Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn, who also works under many pseudonyms including  Foetus, Manorexia, Steroid Maximus, Baby Zizanie, Hydroze Plus, Clint Ruin and Wiseblood. He has released over thirty albums.


If there is a common thread to his varied musical styles, it is a dramatic intensity and an evocative, cinematic quality. Thirlwell is also featured as producer or remixer on a wide variety of artist recordings, including releases for artists as diverse as Zola Jesus, Excepter, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Melvins, Lydia Lunch, Coil, Z's, Swans and many more.

As a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music, Davachi engages in practices of analog and modular synthesis, multi-channel sound diffusion in alternative spaces, and psychoacoustic manipulations. Influenced by the lush, electronic tapestries of experimentalist-era synthesist pioneers, her music often exudes the sorts of wandering transformations inherent in real-time performance with analog equipment. Her treatment of acoustic sources – particularly organs, woodwinds, and strings – often involves heavy processing so as to defamiliarize timbres. Davachi's music suggests the experience of slowed-down sonic dwelling; utilizing extended durations and drones, dense and spectrally-rich timbres, and gradual shifts in non-directional harmonic materials that mediate between consonance and dissonance in order to approach distanced and altered landscapes.

davachi buchla

Robert Piotrowicz is a sound artist, composer and improviser. He has authored radio dramas, sound installations, and music for theatre productions, and collaborates regularly with other artists on audio-visual performances. As an instrumentalist, Piotrowicz works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around the electric guitar and analogue modular synthesiser. His music has as much in common with contemporary electro-acoustic compositions as it does with sound art. His concerts feature saturated, detailed musical forms created with analogue synthesizers and computers. He has developed his trademark sound of intense dynamics seized in dramatic and balanced structures.

Robert Piotrowicz

Alex Nowitz (*1968) is a composer of vocal, 
instrumental and electroacoustic music in the 
genre of concert music, opera, dance and theatre. His commissioners include the Staats-
theater Braunschweig, Staatsoper unter den 
Linden Berlin, Schaubuehne Berlin, Theater
Osnabrueck, fabrik Potsdam and ensembles
like Kammerakademie Potsdam, Curious
 Chamber Players Stockholm, work-in-progress
 Berlin and Maulwerker Berlin. He is also a
 voice performer whose vocal range covers the 
tenor and countertenor voice. Moreover he
 presents a wide array of various extended tech
niques, like multiphonics, kargyraa, inward sing
ing or virtuosic whistling. 

Alex Nowitz 2