Curator, artist and researcher. He studied art in San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. For some years he has been deeply involved in phonographic practice and the resulting theory. He has given workshops in a number of cultural centres and universities. He forms part of the team behind the sound map of the Basque Country,, and Hots! Radio, as well as the dissemination portal. With José Luis Espejo and Xabier Erkizia, he currently coordinates The Listening Observatory.
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Bjørn Christiansen aka Bjørn Svin (b.1975) is a Danish composer of electronic music.  In his early teenage years, Bjørn started out doing naivistic melodic ambient music on synthesizers.

Inspired by the rave culture he got into more rhythmical expressions which led to his first release in 1995 under the alias “Bjørn Christansen” on Stranger than Paradise Records.  The minimalistic techno music that started to occur at that time, as well as the more alternative artists such as Like a Tim, Plaid and Aphex Twin, was the main inspiration for a new output from Bjørn : a minimalistic, playful and very melodic dance music that was both intricate and naivistic at the same time.

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 Photo by Morten Bentzon

Christiana Rose is a Colorado-based composer and innovator in developing new interfaces for musical expression. She designs, builds, and programs new musical interfaces for acrobats and aerialists working in contemporary circus arts. Her work focuses on mapping techniques, spatialization, and investigating critical dialogues around interactive systems and audience perception. Last year she produced and composed two evening length works, append and Le corps electrique, using her interfaces which investigate relationships of the body to technology and choreography through hand balancing, dance, and trapeze.
Photo by Emily Volz

France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer, and curator residing in Montreal, whose audio art, qualified as "sound-sculpture", reveals a minimalist approach to complex sound environmentswhere analog and digital intersect. Her installations incorporate both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. 

Photo by Fabio Perletta

Empty Taxi is the result of Brussels-based Zoë Mc Pherson’s anthropological take on current day electronica. She researches tribes and rituals around the world and uses the rarest sounds to contaminate an otherwise atmospheric and immersive techno.

Folklore and technology engulf each other and gave birth to a musical path : indigenous electronics. 


Photo by Camille Coocken

As a composer, Vanessa is very interested in the manifestation of serendipity in her life. Originating from Montréal, she specialised in electroacoustic music in which she discovered very powerful means to express infinitely sensitive and poetic ideas. Her current research at the University of Sheffield is bringing her to look into the interpretation of acousmatic music, whilst constantly exploring her musical expression. Her latest piece, An almost abstract experience, was partly composed at EMS in last November and she is now back in Sweden after a world premiere of the piece in Visby Konstmuseum in conjunction with Audiorama and Visby Tonsättarcentrum. 

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Photo by Elly Lucas