Saturday 13 May, 11.00-20.00, Free admission!
Don’t be afraid to build your own instruments any more!!!!
We will guide you through the whole thing and help you to make it right. Join us and choose your thing to build from Random*Source or Bastl
instruments and let us help you. Reserve your place at the workshop by sending email to martin [DOT] baar [AT] gaardn [DOT] se stating kit you would like to
build so we can have enough prepared for you!
Do it Yourself Serge Eurorack Modular + Haible by Random*Source with Full Kits and building guidance by Dr. Wiener Serge Modular is a legendary
and incredibly inventive name in modular synthesis that has inspired hoards of modular and synthesizer manufactures in the years since it's inception.
Incredibly music, and incredibly practical, Serge is one of the most unique and distinguishable systems both in sound and use. 

Originally invented and developed in California as a "Synthesizer for the People" by Serge Tcherepnin, the system is now available in Eurorack and
original format from Random*Source under license and in cooperation with Serge. With the help of an experienced Serge Builder in the DIY workshop
you can now enter the Serge world and build a Serge module.