Kyoka works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. She grew up in Japan, having piano, flute and syamisen lessons during her childhood. While listening and recording radio shows to tape, she became attracted by the possibilities of scratching tapes back and forth and soon she begun to use the tape recorder as her toy, cutting, editing and producing first rough sounds. In 1999 she started to explore the potential of synthesizers/computers and during her stay in Los Angeles from 2004 to 2008, she enjoyed some first success when her songs charted at local radio stations. In 2008 she released her first album and we are happy that she joined raster-noton collective in 2012.


Midori Hirano is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin. Her productions are based around the use of traditional instrumentation such as the piano or strings, but yet her works are so diverse and eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing or field recordings. Now she is working on the music for a contemporary dance piece in which she is going to focus on the production during her residency at the EMS studio.

MidoriHirano Photo1

Photo: Markus Wambsganss

The space in between, born in early 2009, this audio-visual duo is the meeting of two disciplines trying to establish a dialogue. Alba and Nikka met IDM soundscapes and abstract visual patchwork. They walked together, building internal sounds that add color to life. They visualize music and sonorize image. They walk through space narrative. Feeling comfortable between analog machines and aesthetic beats, they have pried their eyes off computer screens. Balance and chaos move through silence and black space. 
These two professional trajectories met in Barcelona, using intuition and improvisation to begin their narrative. In the “Sonar Complex” at Sonar Festival 2009, they hit the mark, flooding with electronic emotion at the “Convent dels Angels.”

Nikka o Alba

Photo: Elena Kuroda

ROMI is an evolving library based on electroacoustic sounds and their influence on the sensations of eating.  How can ROMI manipulate the tastes and sensations of eating foods by using sound in a musical way?  

Roman Hiele (BE), musician and producer of electronic music, and Michelle Woods (UK), chef and designer, will work together at EMS to focus on the creation of sounds for their taste-sounds library.

Roman Hiele


Scott Monteith is a Canadian musician, sound artist, and music technology educator best known for his work under the stage name Deadbeat. Having launched the project in 1999, his work over 13 albums for labels such as ~scape, wagon repair and his own BLKRTZ imprint, countless singles and remixes, and a genre defining DJ mix (Radio Rothko) have solidified his position as one of modern dub music's greatest champions.

 Scott Monteith

Mads Emil Nielsen ( (b. 1989) is an electronic musician/composer, currently based in Copenhagen. With great inspiration from both early and modern experimental electronic and electroacoustic music, he often works with basic sound sources such as sine waves and noise, as well as recordings/loops of acoustic instruments and more complex effects and granulations; sometimes combined with video.  
During his residency at EMS, he will be working on new material for concerts and releases with the studio’s Buchla and Serge synthesizers.