Michał Liberak (aka Verbalizer) – independent electronic musician.

Pursuing the mind-altering aspects of sound. Specific application of music – designed and performed, generated and delivered – facilitates the emergence of temporary autonomous zone within the confines of both mental and physical space. Hence, the music IS political. True sound conveys abstract and universal, meaningful explanation. Everything else is garbage.

michal liberak

 Photo: Katarzyna Zych

The music of Max Eilbacher draws upon the European traditions of electroacoustic and musique concréte composition, the intuitive American free noise underground, and the abstract edges of processing-intensive computer music. Recent records have been released by Spectrum Spools, Fogged Records, Anomia, NNA Tapes, and a series of self released cassettes. He has toured extensively through North America and Europe with collaborations and solo projects. Elibacher's compositions are influenced by his background as a video artist, he holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in cinematic arts.

Max Eilbacher
Photo by Chloe Maratta

Paulo Dantas (Rio de Janeiro, 1981) is a composer, improviser and participant of music groups nulltraces, Vaso, Butai Karakuri and Schlag!. He also teaches musical analysis and experimental music at UNIRIO (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State). His first solo album, Cidade Arquipélago, was released recently by Seminal Records.  During his residency at EMS he plans to finish two new releases, make critical listenings / selection from raw field recordings captured during 2015 and record new material in Stockholm.

Paulo Dantas

Okkyung Lee, a New York-based artist and South Korea native, has created a body of work blurring genre boundaries through collaborations and compositions while pushing the limitation of contemporary cello performance techniques. Her music draws from noise and extended techniques, jazz, Western classical, and Korean traditional and popular music.  

Alongside her EMS residency Okkyung will be performing at First Edition — Festival for Other Music on Saturday 20 February 2016:   www.edition-festival.com

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Jari Suominen is a musician, a new media artist and a researcher. Currently he is active member of electronic psych group Shogun Kunitoki, psychedelic power duo Jarse, folk rock sextet Kiila and art lollective Anna Breu. 

During his stay at EMS he is working on his project DIMI is Reborn, which is about documenting and constructing new version of DIMI-A, an early digital synthesizer by Finnish electronic arts pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi from the year 1970. Originally only two synthesizers were made. One of them is currently located in the collections of the Swedish Perfomming Arts Agency thanks to a donation from Ralph Lundsten.

The visit is supported by Nordic Culture Point.



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Rashad Becker was born in 1970 owing to unprotected coition. He was admitted to the fortress europe at age 12. He grew up to be a certified emergency medical technician and ornamental blacksmith but went on dedicating his professional life to less usefull things.

Since about 2000 he eats miso for it's delicious taste and proclaimed health benefits. Since about 2002 he started loosing his hair. Currently his live sets evolve around the angle of `traditional music of notional species`, a semi-abstract synthetic narrative that seems appealing to a surprisingly wide audience.

Rashad Becker