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Photo: Michaela Knizova

Luxembourg-based producer Michel Flammant has a history in black metal, rock and synth pop bands. With his first output 'Silent Earth' as a solo artist under the nom de plume Sova Stroj, he is delving into experimental and electronical music. Although modular and semi-modular synthesis are at the core of his music nowadays, he often incorporates different and seldom used instruments, a love for sound always defining his compositional work. Flammant will focus on the Buchla 200 to create a sonical base for his next release.

 Jenny Graf creates harsh, hypnotic landscape of sound combining hacked up song structures with outbursts of staccatic noise. Largely known for her experimentation in live improvised sound performances using tactile, non-conventional instruments, Gräf has been an integral part of the experimental subcultures in Chicago, Baltimore and Copenhagen where she now lives and works.


But her work also includes long-term collaborative sound projects designed for women with Alzheimer’s in order to research and expand understanding of memory and identity through sounds, as well as participatory sound compositions that subtly direct the audience’s awareness to their own complicity in a performance work.

She performs and exhibits sound installations throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. Her recordings are on labels such as Load, 5rc, Atavistic, Hanson, Utech, Troubleman in addition to many self-released titles.









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 Photo by Suzy Poling

Savannah Agger (*1971) is a composer and performer from Sweden, living in Berlin. Her work includes music for rock bands, jazz, orchestra, choir, chamber ensembles and primarily; multichannel tape pieces, mixed music and interactive electronics. She has written concert pieces, as well as music for several theatre, new circus and contemporary dance performances.

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Kirsten Reese is a sound and media artist and composer based in Berlin. She creates experimental music for electronics and instruments, sound and audiovisual installations, and performative works with electronic media. In 2014 the lightest words had the weight of oracles, a composition for the historic Fairlight CMI synthesizer and e-guitar, was premiered at Attaca Festival of SWR in Stuttgart. Another focus of her work lies on sound installations in landscapes and urban outdoor environments. Kirsten Reese She teaches sound art and intermedia composition at the University of the Arts Berlin.

Kirsten Reese


ClockDVA are increasingly considered as one of the pre eminent pioneers of 80’s experimental Electronic music. “Adi Newton has long since described the process of making music as his research. It represents a more thoughtful and reflective body of work than that which dominates his peer group. In particular, Newton’s grasp of the philosophical connotations of technology placed him apart from the majority of its practitioners.” NME.COM First For Music News. DVA acclaimed albums include the 1988 electronic masterpiece BURIED DREAMS & the 1980 seminal electro acoustic album THIRST.

Adi Newton

Tuukka Haapakorpi is currently involved in composing and performing electronic and non-idiomatic music, building sound installations and organising concerts and workshops in Finland in the sound art association Charm of Sound.

His musical practices go around from composing electronic minimal music related to polytonalism and extended technique, performative practises of both electronic and body related methods to playing in an adult oriented punk rock band Aikuisen Viha.

At EMS he will work on two acousmatic compositions for his upcoming exhibition and develop sound design for finnish art films/installations involving moving image.