Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989) is a Norwegian composer and sound artist working with the surrounding world both thematic and as material. Her works range from experimental chamber music to electro acoustic works to performance and audiovisual works. She belongs to a new generation of artists and composers who work with 3D audio, immersive and surrounding sound.

She has a background from the Norwegian Academy of Music, The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Sonic College (DK) and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.
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An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point  has made it possible for Tine to work at EMS.

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Sebastian Edin (b. 1991) is a Swedish-Finnish sound artist and composer, who obtained a master’s degree in electronic composition at DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music) in 2017.

His work includes fixed media compositions, sound installations, performance pieces, music for modern dance and theatre and pieces for instruments and electronics.

He is currently based in Copenhagen.


An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible for Sebastian to work at EMS.

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Photo by Anna Katrin Ø. Egilstrøð
Sebastian Edin

We welcome Otso Aho as an Intern at EMS. He is a last year student at the Helsinki Vocational College Film Sound department. He is an avid sound, nature and philosophy lover.

At EMS he wants to hone his skills, work with artists and have interesting conversations. He is currently particularly interested in live sound design, how sound manifests in different mediums, multichannel compositions and in ways to bend field recordings and samples to the atoms. 
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Sang-jin Lee is a Korean musician, electronic music producer and sound designer.

Since 2007, he has been working on various electronic music projects, and is currently experimenting with creating a new composition method by sampling irregular daily sounds. He continues experiments to incorporate electronic music into Korean traditional and classical music.

He has been working as a Music Producer and sound engineer on many Korean albums, exhibitions and Independent movies. 
In 2012 he started various collaborative works based on traditional music using Korean traditional musical instruments like Gayageum and Geomungo. Another performance, started in 2016, is a reinterpretation of a Korean traditional play called 'Nolympic'. It participated in the 2016 Seoul Namsan Hanok Village Project and 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

He has released a number of albums including ‘UNIQUE-SHADOW’ (Fermata(2009) / 2ND(2012), ‘Numeric SeeHearter’(2015) and ‘Across the Universe’(2016).

Sang-Jin Lee's residency is kindly made possible by the Arts Council Korea, ARKO.


The work of Taesun Yoo covers instrumental and electronic /algorithmic composition as well as performative works. He particularly emphasizes on interdisciplinary projects which include collaborations with artists in many fields but especially choreographers and dancers.  

He was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea, studied composition and electro-acoustic music at Chugye University for the Arts (BA), Music Technology at Korea National University of Arts (Artist Diploma). His electro-acoustic works were performed at the Nong Project, Seoul International Computer Music Festival and recently he was commissioned a Quartet (Daegeum, Ajaeng, Violin and Piano) piece by contemporary music ensemble ‘Geori'. 

Yoo’s work focused on live electronic music with instruments and dance performances. He composed and played trumpet and live electronics at many international and external improvisation festivals with improvisation dance group <Just Body>, and as a composer, he worked with Sang-cheul Choe (ONA, Choe contemporary dance company), Yann lheureux (companie Yannlheureux.Etre en scene), etc. Through collaborations with numerous choreographers he continues the experimental work between electro-acoustic music and performance.

Taesun Yoo's residency is kindly made possible by the 
Arts Council Korea.


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SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish artist, composer and acoustic fanatic who thrives in the uncompromising extremities of electronic music. A stuntwoman in a past life, she now wields an arsenal of insistent industrial rhythms, raw techno and expressive sound art that challenges your state of consciousness.

Ryberg’s work embodies her rich production history. Her 2016 debut AFTRYK, released on Contort Records, for which she processed her own field recordings made inside a mountain on Svalbard, is a meticulous exploration of textures and timbres that has an undeniable live quality. With a broad background in performance and production, her works encompasses multichannel installations, live concerts, performance art, video games, and much more. For video games, Ryberg has created music and sound design for two acclaimed indie productions: the multiple award-winning ‘INSIDE’, which she worked on with Martin Stig Andersen; and, as part of SGR^CAV, a collaboration with Cristian Vogel, for twin-stick shooter game ‘THOTH’. 

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point  has made it possible for SØS Gunver Ryberg to work at EMS.

Photo by Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen
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Olli Aarni (born 1988) is an experimental musician working in Vantaa, Finland. His music reflects the weather conditions and creates artificial views of the nature.

Aarni's sounds are based on dense timbres and static harmony, and the soundscapes yield rhythmic repetition and create worlds to get lost in: like reality condensed into magic or a hidden valley between new age and noise. 

Aarni's discography spans over 20 tapes, vinyls and CDs released on four continents, and he has performed in Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Finland. 


An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point 
has made it possible for Olli to work at EMS.

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Photo by Mia Tarkela
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Ragnhild May's (DK) works are centered around the relationship between body and instrument. Musical instruments can be seen as extensions of the body, and her works explores their structures, systems and cultural connotations as well as acoustic qualities. 

Ragnhild May has been artist in residency at International Studio and Curatorial Program, she has studied at visual arts at The Jutland Art Academy (DK) and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT) and composition at Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts Bard College. 
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Photo credit: Phoebe D'heurle

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point 
has made it possible for Ragnhild to work at EMS.

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Hild Sofie Tafjord, Norway, (b. 1974) is a musician and composer who's main constellations are the improvisations ensemble SPUNK, quartet Lemur and Zeitkratzer ensemble.
She also works with a.o Lotta Melin, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Fire Orchestra. Tafjord is renowned as a versatile musician and has rewritten the sonic possibilities for the french horn. She also concerts as a soloist, and has released two soloalbums "kama"(picadisk) and breathing (+3db). An AiR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point  has made it possible for Hild Sofie Tafjord to work at EMS.
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Marja Ahti (f. Johansson) is a Swedish-Finnish musician and composer based in Turku, Finland. Her main creative output is the solo moniker Tsembla.

Using electronics, modified samples of acoustic instrument,
non-instruments and environmental sounds, she makes music that rides on waves of warped melodies, abstract voices and mutating textures – rough edged compositions, rich in detail,
that come together into instrumental miniatures. She also composes music for dance performances and film.

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point 
has made it possible for Marja to work at EMS.

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  Photo by Barbora Linka

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Antti Tolvi is composer, sound artist, performer and Qi Gong teacher. He moved in teenaged from countryside to city and get excited about playing didgeridoo. Soon saxophone and free jazz become to picture and took Anttis attention. Interest about Classical Indian Music took Antti all the way to Varansi to study music. After India Taiji and nature studies back in Finland. Chaos and wild freedom turned into minimalism and Zen. Now Antti has found him self again from countryside, whit winds, birds, silence and harmony of everything.
Freedom, peace, gratitude and minimalist aesthetic reflects from Antti Tolvis works. www.anttitolvi.com
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An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible for Antti to work at EMS.
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Eunkyung PARK
Born in Seoul, Eunkyung Park studied composition at Seoul National University in South Korea. Her musical interest lies in interaction between contemporary music and other art fields, thus providing strange experiences to the audience.

After finishing her Master degree’s course works, she went to Paris and studied compostion with Mr. Jean-luc Hervé and orchestration with Mr. Pierre Farago at CNR de Boulogne.

She went back to Korea in 2009, and is currently the representative manager of an inter-disciplinary composition group, and an instructor.

Since 2011, she has founded two experimental music groups named "Oze" and "Ensemble zGzz". The fomer is dedicated to collaborations with other art forms such as dance, fine art and experimental performance. The latter is for non-instrumental music, making sound with objets like balloons, papers and other materials. Also keeping acoustic music, she is expanding her musical languages through possible ventures.

Eunkyung Park's residency is kindly made possible by the 
Arts Council Korea.