Monitor, the radio show dedicated to electronic, electroacoustic etc music will be about  the Austrian sound artist Bernhard Leitner.
Åsa Stjerna is the author of the programme. Wednesday 16 June at 21.30 on Swedish Radio P2, and after that for a month in the P2 archive.

Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology

Call for submissions: Volume 16, Number 3

Issue thematic title: Sound, Listening and Place

Date of Publication: December 2011
Publishers: Cambridge University Press

Issue co-ordinator: Katharine Norman (

Tommi Keränen was guest composer 24/5-6/6 2010.

OPEN CALL Deadline 15 July 2010

Audiorama Ars Acustica’s open call adresses the nordic schools of higher education in arts and music composition, with the aim to present four finalist pieces, of which two achieves a commission for a new work, at Audiorama in Stockholm, Sweden in the late 2010:

Tommi Keranen is guest composer at EMS between 24/5 to 6/6.

Tommi Keranen is guest composer at EMS between 24/5 to 6/6.

Alex Nowitz came to EMS between 10/5 and 28/5 as part of the ECPNM prize that he won last year. During this time he worked on an 8 channel composition in studio 2.

If you're curious to know what the new generation of sound artists is up to come to Fylkingen on June 1st at 7 p.m.

“I can’t hear the sound of your sewing machine anymore” is an ongoing project of Anna Linder's about the invisible work of women. “Sister Drag” was the first part and “I'm making this spare time useful by not making waste” is the second.
This project is a homage to my mother, my grandmother and to all the women who have a bad conscience because they always feel inadequate.
The duration of the event is between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. After that the installation will be on display until midnight.
A new video will be premiered in the foyer along with "Sister Drag" from 2008.
This exhibition is a result of the graduation work which ends the masters' course in sound art at University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre and EMS.
Free entry
Member production: Linder in collaboration with Dramatiska institutet and EMS

At this year's Norbergfestival EMS will be presenting Lars Åkerlund. Other artists that EMS has engaged are Kathy Hinde, Daniel Skoglund, Nadine Byrne and Biosphere.

Buy tickets before the end of June and get a discount!

ems party flyer

EMS is throwing a big party to celebrate our selves!

Monday, May 24, 20.00 at Clustret, Söder Mälarstrand 25 A, Stockholm

Combi/netor & kliin (BY, SE ) - ambient/electronica
Suzywan (FR) - electronica
Wobbulator (SE) - dubstep
Skudge (SE) - techno
Sleeparchive (DE) - minimal techno
AUX88 (US) - electro techno bass. Legends from Detroit!
Miss Dilemma (SE) - techno
Visuals: Joel Dittrich and Kathy Hinde

If you happen to be in Stockholm and you want to come to this party, please email us your name to

Free entry for all that have signed up.

is the 2009 ECPNM laureate and is at EMS 10/5-28/5 for a workperiod.

guest composer and teacher at EMS 24/5-6/6 2010.