OPEN CALL Deadline 15 July 2010

Audiorama Ars Acustica’s open call adresses the nordic schools of higher education in arts and music composition, with the aim to present four finalist pieces, of which two achieves a commission for a new work, at Audiorama in Stockholm, Sweden in the late 2010:

Applicants must be studying at an artistic education in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Åland at the time for the application.

We welcome media specific pieces devoted to the auditorium of Audiorama; a box-shaped room with speakers at all four surrounding walls, and in the ceiling. The room has a capacity for approximately 70 people.

The genre for the applying works should reach within the fields of drama, hörspiel, sound art or music.The duration of the piece must be

between 15-20 minutes. A jury consisting of six members, chosen by Audiorama will nominate:

a) Four pieces, where Audiorama will own the rights for the first performance.
b) From these four finalists, two will recieve a commission for a longer piece at Audiorama.
c) The finalists are given the possibility to finish the final mix and surround panoration in the auditorium before the first performance.

All the material for the application must be signed with a pseudonym. A document with contact information must be sent with the application in a sealed envelope, marked with the same pseudonym. Applications without pseudonyms will be disqualified.

All applicating works that are sent to Audiorama will be put in an archive. However, Audiorama does not wish to claim the rights to the first performance of any non-finalist works nominated by the jury. The names of the jury members will be made official at the time for the nomination. The decision of the jury will be final. The format for the application should be both in stereo, and in 5.1, as a WAV- or AIFF-file (44.1kHz,16bit or 48kHz, 24bit). The material must be sent on a CD-ROM, with the files given
names that indicate the channels wished for in the surround mix. Deadline for the application is the 15th of july 2010. All material must be sent to Audiorama at the adress specified on the last side of this document. The four finalists will be presented at Audiorama, in Stockholm the 1st of september 2010. The jury will also present the two
winning finalists who will recieve the commission.