As of 1 May 2011, EMS will be part of Statens musikverk (Music Development and Heritage Sweden), a brand new authority. Nothing will change apart from our e-mail addresses (in due course) and our billing address. We will still be doing the same things, i.e. provide studios for professional composers, teach, collaborate with various other institutions and receive guest composers.

On Tuesday 3 May 2011 at 19:00 in B-huset (yellow brick building), behind the round red brick building.

Tamas Ungvary, a well-known composer of electroacoustic music and EMS user almost since the very start has donated a very large collection of books on various subjects

Nikka is one of the main personalities on the expansive electronic music scene in Barcelona.

this autumn at Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola. Applicaton deadline: 15 April. The English name of the course is Sound Art (60 ECTS) and the Swedish name is Ljudkonst.

has now been created. The members are: musician, Sofia Jernberg, composer Alfons Karabuda, professor Anna Lindal, composer Paula af Malmborg Ward, associate professor Eva Saether, professor Gustaf Sjökvist, project leader Lennart Strömbäck, musician Stefan Östersjö. The director of Statens musikverk has also been recruited:

EMS will be presenting several great artists at the Norberg festival 2011, which will take place between 28 and 30 July (ending in the early hours of 31 July). Ticket information below.

Hanna Hartman alt Helena Gough Helena Gough
Lustmord Lustmord Vinyl Terror & Horror Vinyl terror and horror
Erik Drescher alt Wenke Schladitz Wenke Schladitz photo
Ivo Nilsson Ivo Nilsson Zbigniew Karkowski & Anton Lukaszevieze alt

A new underground commuter line is under construction in Stockholm, and all the stations will need art! Does this include sound-art? Perhaps they haven't thought of it yet? Check out the citybanan website!

get in touch with course admin if you wish to attend this course.

EMS has decided that 2011 is "Hardware year"! Come to our DIY get-together and be inspired.

EMS has decided that 2011 is "Hardware year", come to our DIY get-together and be inspired!

Det utmanande berättandet (provocative story-telling) 13/3 at 13:30-15:00 at Victoria

How can story-telling be provocative? Through story-telling itself, and not the actual story.
Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola's radio students will be playing a programme which isn't what you think it is. Time has been shifted, broken and remodelled. Jenny Sunesson, a sound artist living in England and Sweden will be playing exerpts from her production and talking to professor Bengt Bok about provocative story-telling.