A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
A presentation of acoustic & electroacoustic music of Ákos Nagy,
where he reveals his composing techniques and guides us among his different psychoacoustic experiments.
Àkos´s art is synthetic and shows a synthesizing tendency which is built from the Netherlandish polyphone tradition. He examined Gothic and late Renaissance music, traces of which show up in his later music along with elements of Transsylvanian, Indian, Khmer, Balinese and Japenese classical culture.
He is researching the rhythm and tone systems outside Europe. He turns towards exploring new forms and structures, filling them with his characteristic take on melody which usually origins from non-tempered (just intonation) systems. His music juxtaposes solid blocks of sound that keep reprising accumulatively - a method he branded 'layering technique'.

His music is influenced by the I-II World War avant-garde, the American experimental, the early psychedelic music, many European and outside Europe folk music and former arts.
In his pieces, he shows a penchent for mathematical series, textures arranged after priciples of variation which are substantiated with polyrhythmic, polytempoed, polymetric patterns of melody and rhythm.
During the course of the presentation the composer not only speaks about his pieces but also performs them. 

Free entrance