Mapping the Vortex: Mapping and visualization with SuperCollider.  

This intensive workshop by Marinos Koutsomichalis welcomes participants of any discipline who are already familiar with SuperCollider and who wish to expand their technical and practical knowledge in the fields of mapping and visualization.  

The material of the workshop is based on the instructor’s latest book ‘Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider’. Topics to be discussed and elaborated upon include: - 2D computer graphics - fractals - particle systems - complex encodings/mappings - audio/data analysis - waveform/spectra synthesis - sophisticated visualization/sonification techniques.

Following their particular interests, the participants will then be guided into designing their own audiovisual applications.

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About SuperCollider

SuperCollider has established itself as probably the most powerful programming environment for real time sound synthesis, algorithmic/generative music and all sorts of other audio­related applications. It is widely used by artists and scientists alike for both research and actual artistic creation. It features a powerful state­-of­-the­-art sound engine and an easy to learn fully featured object oriented language. More, it is open­source and totally free of charge.  

About the Instructor:

Marinos Koutsomichalis (Athens, 1981) is an artist and researcher. Via sound and a wide range of other media he interrogates the specifics of perception, technology and material and by means of a hypermedia, project­based and site­responsive methodology. His work has been widely presented internationally in all sorts of milieus ranging from leading museums and acclaimed art festivals to industrial sites and from underground venues to churches or scientific conferences. He has worked as an artist in various institutions worldwide. His academic career has hitherto involved a research fellowship in the University of Turin, a lectureship at the faculty of Music Technology and Acoustics of the Technical University of Crete, and leading Contemporary Music Research Center’s (CMRC­KSYME) course in Electronic Music and Sound Synthesis since. He is responsible for numerous publications in scientific journals/conferences, for numerous workshops/talks worldwide and for writing the Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider book. He is a PhD candidate in Music, Sound and Media Art at the De Montfort University and he also holds a MA by research in composition with digital media from the University of York.