Robin Michel is a musician and visual artist who lives and works in Basel (Switzerland). His involvement with electronic music ranges from computer music, making music with drum machines and analogue synthesizers to modular synthesizers and DIY projects.

Robin Michel photo Balázs Mohai Transparent Sound New Music Festiva

Photo Balázs Mohai

He is also involved in various music projects. For example, the digital album "the possibility of the landscape" was created in an improvisation duo with Christian Moser as part of the Reconnect Scholarship 2023.

He is currently touring with Mikolaj Rytowski with the audiovisual performance "Kolloid" in Switzerland and abroad, including at the "Naxoshalle" in Frankfurt and the House of Music Hungary in Budapest.

After completing his first Bachelor's degree at the Basel Academy of Art and Design, he went on to complete a further Bachelor's and Master's degree in Audio Design at the Basel Music Academy. He received the first Eduard Brunner Composition Prize in 2022 for his piece "Formen".

In addition to his work as a musician, he works freelance on technical development and sound design for art projects and exhibitions.