A stalwart and consistent presence in the Canadian sound world, Debashis Sinha has realized projects in radiophonic art, sound art, theatre, dance, and music across Canada
and internationally. He is a winner of multiple awards and nominations for his work on theatre stages in Canada, and his current research stream concentrates on sound production using machine learning and AI with an ear to uncovering new modes and methods of story creation and transmission.

Sinha’s live sound practice on the concert stage has led
to appearances at MUTEK/MUTEK JP, ISEA, NeurIPS,
Madrid Abierto, and other venues around the world, and
he has released music on Establishment, Gustaff, and
Other People. Sinha will use his time at EMS to research
and produce material for a new work based on high altitude wind currents and the winged Hindu deity Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu.

He is currently an assistant professor at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University.
Photo: Robert Lippok