Jason Doell is a Canadian artist based in Tkarón:to/Toronto.

He describes his work as "drifting across aesthetic, poetic,
and political dimensions, I understand my practice as a type
of experimentalism, where to experiment operates as reverie—dreaming through potentials and lingering on what emerges amidst a kaleidoscope of diversions, discrepancies, references, reflections, shadows, spirits, translations, & transformations".

Jason engages with experimentation as a wildly inclusive and
pluralized collection of practices, often with interdisciplinary collaborators - allowing for unpredictable potentials that can meander, intermingle, and circulate without being codified.

While at EMS, he will be making a large database of samples from the array of synthesizers housed in the studios for use with his composition-assistance algorithm, sad.John(low).

His new album Becoming in Shadows ~ of Being Touched is
out on Whited Sepulchre Records.


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