Vilbjørg Broch was born in Denmark in 1967, and returned there in 2019 after almost 30 years in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands she studied dance and improvisation at the SNDO, School for New Dance Development, in Amsterdam. She studied classical voice with coloratura soprano Marianne Blok for more than a decade and has worked in multimedia projects of all sorts and sizes over the past 30 years. 

Her activities in computer music are foremost algorithmic
and based on mathematics and her studies of pure mathematics have been quite systematic over the past
20 years, and are ongoing. Vilbjørg has become particularly interested in algebra, algebraic geometry and group theory. In spatial audio she is especially exploring large digital waveguide meshes, which she models from higher dimensional algebraic and geometric structures and then project onto 3D. These structures become both spatialization, resonance and instrument. 

The work, which will take place at EMS, will be centered around a few long running spatial audio projects. One of them is algorithmic synthesis, composition and spatialization using the mathematical object the ‘E8’.
This is a famous object of fabulous and gigantic symmetries which lives in 8 dimensions. It offers many possibilities and approaches and it could be some sort of a lifelong project to try to fathom and explore the structure of the E8 - and its projections - in computer music.