Amma Ateria, derived from 'flammable material’, is a philosophy held through her work, — to give strength to disintegration and fragility, to rebuild from the aftermath of destruction, of dust. An electroacoustic composer / sound artist through behavioural science and electronic synthesis, her process examines psychoacoustics in binaural beats, brainwaves, and equal-loudness contour. Compositions developed during her concussion recovery utilizes brainwave entrainment, time shifts, and changes of neurological responses to DELTA, THETA, ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA waves as materials and focal point. With memories of condensed cities, she gravitates to frequencies of close-ranged airplanes, polyrhythmic occurrences, out-of-body experiences, sustained harmonics intersected with musique concrète, and distorted speech as lost voice.

Amma Ateria Press Blu

Photo by: Pioneer Works

Since her studies at Mills College in music composition with specialization in electronic music, audio engineering, and media technology, her work has been presented at SoART, Titanik Galleria, The Stone, BAMPFA, Exploratorium, Marfa Sounding: Tarek Atoui, CCRMA Stanford University, Cinematheque YBCA,
Minnesota Street Project, Other Minds: Latitudes, Recombinant 'Clouds of Confoundment’, Cone Shape Top: Cicada Series, MAK Center/ Schindler House, Fort Mason Arts & Culture, Gray Area, Pioneer Works, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Elsewhere Hall, GAIDA Festival, Basilica Hudson.