Rees Archibald is an Australian born artist.

Originally a saxophone player, he spent several years in Japan studying traditional Zen music. Later, working with composers Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila and David Behrman, he studied electronic music composition.

He makes creative work centred on process and the physicality of the body with the aim of getting into situations that lie ‘beyond thought’. How to make space from what we know? How to ’stand aside’ in order to allow newness to manifest itself though us?


Photo: Rees Archibald (Artūras Bulota/Kaunas Pilnas Kultūros nuotr.)

Rees has performed and shown work in venues such as The Kitchen in New York City, ZKM/HfG in Germany, the Sydney Opera House, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, and the Emit/Time Festival in Bern, Switzerland.