Joasia (Joanna) Cieślak is a cellist, producer, composer and teacher. Frederik Bülow is a drummer and composer. Emil Sana is a musician, composer, producer and sound artist. Together they have been accepted for a residency to explore EMS resident halldorophone.

Joasia’s project with Frederik (Jazz drums) and Emil (keys/production) nurtures a budding culture of use for halldorophone. Relatively small repertoire for this young instrument made Joasia interested in expanding halldorophone’s use into next musical genres. The goal of the residency is to become familiar with halldorophone’s specific characteristics and to begin the process of composing dance music on it. Trio will submit themselves to the unpredictable musical beating of halldorophone which will inspire further creation of loops and melodies. The absence of preconceived ideas is a starting point to the trio's organic growth in this project.



Joasia (Joanna) Cieślak holds a s Bachelor's and Master's degree from the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht (Netherlands), a Master's degree from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (Finland) and a post grad diploma from Culture Management at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź (Poland). Currently, she is completing the Soloist diploma at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus (Denmark). Laureate of cello competitions (Poland, Slovakia), chamber music competitions (Poland, The Netherlands), and as an orchestra musician, she has traveled to most European countries. Leader of original projects such as the Misceo crossover band and chairwoman of the Helsinki’s Living Room Concerts association. Joasia's versatility can be appreciated in the music she writes, as well as in the wide range of projects to which she is invited - from classical music festivals, solo premieres, to improvised and experimental concerts, pop contemporary and everything in between. Her studio and concert work includes artists such as Gavin Harrison, Michael Bublé, the Metropole Orchestra and Snarky Puppy. In 2018 and 2021, she wrote music for her crossover band Misceo, focused around collaboration of classical string musicians Cieślak / Westerberg with the jazz trio Rönkä / Bülow / Christensen. &

Frederik Bülow won a Danish Music Award in 2014 with his band Bangin’ Bülow's Nice Jazz Quartet (BBNJQ). From 2015, his Jazztronica quintet Abekejser has broken the boundary between Jazz and electronic music. They create original, innovative music that speaks to people of all generations. In 2017, Frederik formed the band JAF Trio with two of his Finnish friends - Adele Sauros and Joonas Tuuri. Shortly after, they were awarded The Rising Stars at the WeJazz Festival in Helsinki, Finland. In 2018 and 2019 he has written music for his crossover ensemble called Misceo which is a collaboration between the classic string players Cieslak / Westerberg and the trio Rönkä / Bülow / Christensen. Frederik composes music for all his bands. He works as a drum teacher as well at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark.

Emil Sana is a half-French half-Finnish musician, composer, producer and sound artist, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Sana is working with film and game music as well as sound design and sonic arts for a multitude of varying forms of projects. He has composed the soundtracks to many short films, featured in major international festivals and competitions. He has also worked on multiple commercials for various Finnish brands through his frequent collaboration with Helsinki-based Keksi Agency. He is currently working on pop music production and songwriting for upcoming productions. Born in 1999, Emil entered the world of music at a very young age. Through his studies in several music academies in Finland, France and Belgium, he developed an unyielding enthusiasm for the art of rhythm and harmony. Sana's music has since drawn its inspiration from a diverse collection of genres, varying from impressionism and minimalism to jazz, ambient and electronic music. Emil entered distinguished Sibelius Academy of Helsinki at the notably young age of 17. There he matured extensive interests in various compositional techniques and sound art philosophies as well as recording arts and music production. Sana's most recent projects have taken place in the field of film music, in which he specialises in his studies.