Wil Bolton is a London-based artist and musician. He makes predominantly sound-based artworks for both CD releases and installations, often enhanced with video or photography. His audio work uses guitars, acoustic instruments, modular and analogue synthesizers and effects to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds. 


Photo by Soo Lee

Wil's work is usually site-specific, based on a certain place, and tends to use environmental sounds and images as starting points in the creative process. The main concept of his work is resonance – the resonance of sound, but also the resonance of a space – its atmosphere and the traces of its history, society and culture, and associated ideas of place, memory and identity. He also takes inspiration from finding beauty in the everyday and in unexpected or overlooked places, taking the time to pause, freeze and explore a moment, experience or emotion. 

Wil has released albums on labels including Hibernate, Time Released Sound, Eilean, Home Normal, Dauw, Dronarivm, Hidden Vibes, Krysalisound, Sound In Silence and Fluid Audio. He has also shown his sound and video works in exhibitions at ICA, Incheon Art Platform, Liverpool Biennial and others, and has performed at venues including Cafe Oto, Tate Liverpool and Iklectik.