Gadi Sassoon is a composer known for crafting intricate soundscapes by the intersection of complex physical models, analogue electronics and orchestral arrangements. Born in a musical family of Syrian and Italian heritage, he is a scholarship alumnus of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and a former sound arts researcher at Middlesex University in London.

Gadi Sassoon


Photo by Luigi Ziliani

In 2012 he established his experimental sound studio in Milan, where he works with publishers, labels, production companies, research institutions and the art world to create records, soundtracks and immersive works. These include productions on either side of the Atlantic for NinjaTune, Warner Music and many indie labels, soundtracks for Adult Swim, HBO, NBC, BBC, AMC, Disney, 21st Century Fox, MTV, ITV and game franchise Borderlands, as well as immersive pieces with Dolby Labs NYC, Sonár Festival Barcelona, XR studios, Vrai Pictures and Superbright, CCRMA at Stanford, IRCAM at Centre Pompidou, NIME Festival at VirginiaTech, Sound Forms Festival in Hong Kong, MusicTech Festival in Stockholm and the TED conference.

Sassoon has also produced collaborations with Coldcut, Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa, Savages, AndreyaTriana, DJ Vadim, Dani Siciliano, Malika Ayane and Annalisa. His first album Multiverse, due on cult ambient label A Strangely Isolated Place in 2020, explores experimental physical modelling and is the fruit of a 4 year collaboration in sound synthesis research and applications with the physicists of Next Generation Sound Synthesis at University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre.

During his EMS residency Sassoon will be recording a new album and producing new multichannel works.