Eomac/Ian McDonnell is a producer, composer, DJ and label owner. He has released genre-spanning music via ​The Trilogy Tapes, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Bedouin Records, Killekill ​and his own label ​Eotrax​ exploring the furthest reaches of intense, visceral music for body and soul. 

As a DJ and live performer he has played globally at festivals such as Unsound​, ​Lunchmeat​ and ​Krake​ and in clubs such as ​Berghain, Tresor, Concrete​ and ​Circus Tokyo​. An active collaborator he is involved in a number of projects, most notably the electronic duo ​Lakker​ with Berlin-based Irish producer / artist ​Arad​, Lena Andersson​ with the Japanese producer / composer ​Kyoka​ and noeverything​ with Irish producer / composer / vocalist ​LAIR​. With these projects he has worked with the acclaimed electronic music labels ​R&S Records​ and ​Raster​ and appeared at international festivals such as ​Atonal, Mutek​ and ​Rewire​. 

Alongside this he makes time for various side-projects and production work and​ ​also hosts a monthly ​Eotrax​ podcast on ​Dublin Digital Radio presenting new and old sounds from all over the world.

Photo by Sal Stapleton @ Goldmoth Media

Ian is at EMS in February collaborating with Kyoka. They will be composing new material for their Lena Andersson project on Raster Media.