Olga Szymula is a composer, sound and performance artist. In music her main intention is to explore the full spectrum of sound in its timbres, intensities and various qualities. She bends and plays around with music forms, combining playful melodies and songs with abstract forms and noises. Her works take forms in concerts, records, film scores, audio-visual installations and performances.
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She performed or showed her works in Poland, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Holland, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Japan, South Korea at such festivals as Unsound Festival, Raflost Festival, Audio Art Festival, Click Festival, New Music Days Festival, SOTU or ZNFI Festival. Apart from her solo project, Szymula collaborated and played together with Toshimaru Nakamura, Marcin Dymiter (BAZA), Palle Højrup (pinecone colony) and Ylfa Þöll Ólafsdóttir. 

Szymula wrote a film score to the feature film 'Baba Vanga' by Aleksandra Niemczyk that screened in Poland, Turkey, Norway,France, USA, Japan, and Italy at at festivals as New Horizons International Film Festival, International Adana Film Festival, 53 Pesaro International Film Festival, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Bronx World Film Festival. She is also an author of electro-opera "Lapses' and sound installations and performances like: 'Dwellers', 'national song', or 'Contact'.
Olga Szymula was born in 1986 in Gdynia, Poland, currently based in Aarhus, Denmark. She graduated with a BA in electronic composition at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music, Aarhus, Denmark (2017). She was granted an exchange composition and fine arts program at The Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016 and individual composer exchange program in Tokyo, Japan in 2018.
 Her residency has been made possible by grants from Danish Composers' Society and DPA (Danske Populær Autorer
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