Rzeng is a beat-oriented project by the sound-artist Snezhana Reizen. After studying at the school of jazz in Saint-Petersburg, she has been focused on eco-futurism in her sounds researches. The subject of her studies considers microtonal, noise and polyrhythmic structures, which is typical of both natural pulsations and certain patterns of synthetically created media.

Snezhana synthesizes sounds, that are structurally close to nature, and then she tempers them dance with contemporary urban rhythms. Technically, these are manipulations with various pre-prepared sequences and effects of analog and digital synthesizers in real time. Stylistically, this is experimental electronics, which basically has ambient as some space for unfolding sound events of different scale and intensity.
IMG 5127
Photo by Lina Volkonskaya

In "Rzeng" she combining various layers of rhythmic flows (idm, brokendeat, dnb, glitch, techno) with meditative overtones in it.
Rzeng is a gearbox that switches times and states, a prayer to the error-god of the digital age in the noisy breathing of the ocean.
the ocean.