Christian studied Organ at The royal Danish Academy of Music (DKDM) in Copenhagen, with a speciality in improvisation, and free playing has always been part of the output, as well as a great interest in textural transformation, feedback and transcendence in general. The latest bigger release is an LP with Ikue Mori called "Chordis et Machina" (Resipiscent Records/Nische 2018). Over the years a few aliases, such as "Ganga", has seen the light of day and tours include Middle East, Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ibiza and the US. Released albums on the labels Resipiscent Records, Escho, Insula Music, Flinc Music, Nische, Skrat, Kid Recordings, Wormland, Universal, Sony and many more.

At the moment he is working on a multichannel sound-installation together with Swedish composer Eva Sidén, using Organ and Piano recordings from a travel to Studio Acusticum in Piteå, Sweden.

Christian och EVa

Eva Sidén is a Swedish composer and a concert pianist within the field of notated art music. Her artistic work is multifaceted. As a composer she mostly composes chamber music and electroacoustical music and she often works in cross-artistic contexts within fields such as visual arts, space/architecture and poetry/literature, often in collaboration with art institutions, concert halls, cultural centers and theater.