Joanna Lombard, born in Algeria in 1972, lives and works in Stockholm.
Her work takes its point of departure from political ideas, private stories or group behavior rehearsals from the place where she spend her first years in life, a commune in the north of Sweden.
In her practice Joanna works with film, photography, installation, sound and text. She often works with the staging of situations with some kind of authentic background that deal with issues of identity, origin and exclusion. She is currently a studio grant-holder at IASPIS in Stockholm.
Her work at EMS is about collecting voices; performative obscure voices. A ritual attempt to remember what the brain wants to forget. She asked women who has given birth if they could remember what sounds they made during the childbirth. In a dark recording studio, where it is possible to focus inwards, Joanna would like to make an attempt to reconstruct the sound of giving birth through the women imitating their own memories of their sound.