Kalle Vainio (b.1986) is a composer of the new generation whose evocative musical language is a curious fusion of Finnish folk music and minimalism, new simplicity. 

He has graduated from Sibelius Academy with Master of music degree and composed many compositions including works for piano, viola, orchestra, chamber music, choral and music for traditional Finnish instruments.

Project Vainiolla is his solo project where the main focus is on prepared piano and extended playing techniques. Project Vainiolla has released four albums: Suruvesi, Nocturnal, Metamorphosis and Animus. 

Recently Vainio has been involved in composing film music, exploring electronic music and diving into spatial phenomenas in music. Nature and insects are always important source of inspiration. 

"I'm constantly exploring music. Exploring questions why, where and how to create interesting music. Simplicity is also very intriguing - it's like zooming into something very simple and then finding something truly complex."