eero pulkkinen
Eero Pulkkinen is a Helsinki based sound Artist and Musician graduated from MA-sound design studies in University of the Arts in Helsinki. Besides sound-compositions and musical outputs his work encompasses aspects of text, video and sound installation and sound design for experimental film, contemporary dance and performance.

At EMS Eero will be working in a multichannel (14.1) setup to explore the musique concrerète-ish, digital sound objects and themes continuing from his last years album ‘Susiovet’ which was also partly composed and recorded at EMS.

Eero is currently working with several different projects such as 'Breakup' - an audiovisual project that consists of different members and selection of artists metamorphosing on different occasions, electronics unit 'Running' together with Teemu Iltola and 'Map—Territory' with artist Sansibar.