Brona Martin is an Irish Electroacoustic composer and sound artist based in Birmingham, UK. Brona's research interests include narrative in
Electroacoustic music, soundscape composition, acoustic communication and spatialisation. Her research explores metaphorical and real-world
representations of diverse soundworlds, images and experiences, where the aim is to reveal particular sonic characters that are not normally
the focus of listening.
Her portfolio of works explore the layers and textures of sounds that contribute to the overall sonic-makeup of specific places both real and imaginary.
Through listening, recording, analysing and processing, the layers of a soundworld are studied and analysed. Processing of these materials reveals the sonic
qualities and the internal behaviour of specific sounds.
Brona's artistic portfolio offers an in depth and alternative listening perspective and experience where the complexity of everyday sounds are examined and
rearranged into a new context. References are also made to the design of the acoustic environment where noise pollution often masks the more pleasant
sounds of the natural environment.
Her acousmatic works composed in stereo, 5.1 and 8-channel have included the creative exploration of soundscapes from Ireland, Manchester, East Coast Australia, Spain and Germany. Her works have been performed internationally at EMS, ACMC, ICMC, NYCEMF, ISSTA, ZKM, BEAST, Balance/Unbalance, SSSP, iFIMPaC, Sonorities and MANTIS. Have a listen to some of her work here.

She is a Teaching Fellow in Composition at the University of Southampton.