eero pulkkinen
Eero Pulkkinen is a Sound Artist, Sound Designer and Musician from Helsinki.
Currently he is working on his solo work under the alias W,
A new collaboration album with Viktor Kalima as New Sincerity and The Map And The Territory album with Sunny Seppä was released this year.

His conceptual electronics unit Running with Teemu Iltola is releasing their next album spring 2018 via Olde English Spelling Bee. Running is currently producing a multichannel sound-installation for a solo exhibition “Grinding Keyes With Sharp Knives” in Akusmata gallery Helsinki.

Eero's work encompasses sound installations and performance often with visual aspects, radiophonic compositions, sound design for experimental video, films and for contemporary dance and performance.

His works have been exhibited in Finland and abroad in numerous exhibitions and international film/art festivals. He is currently finishing his MA-sound design studies at Väs, University of the Arts Helsinki.