Anna Ķirse is currently in her first year of master studies in composition at the JVLMA (Jāzeps Vītols Academy of Music in Latvia).

Her main area of interest is the synergy of the academic, electroacoustic music and nature; for example using chemical formulas as the basis for composition, exploring underwater sound recording possibilities, and synthesising certain environments with musical input.

She is particularly inspired by nature, especially the forest. This inspiration was recently used to conceptualise and compose “The Opera of Trees”, in which vocalists were positioned in treetops, while three percussionists worked at ground level, using a total of 32 instruments. The opera was performed deep within a forest in the Latvian countryside.

The second part of “The Opera of Tress” is a work in progress and will be premiered on 1 September 2018 near the Mustarinda Residency in Finland (Kajaani). The story is based on scientific research, namely the German forest expert Peter Wogelleben’s book ‘’The Hidden Life of Trees’’. The chamber ensemble performing will consist of two flutes, clarinet, trombone, and a Paetzold contrabass recorder played by Anna Petrini. The string section include two violins, viola and cello. The eight singers are from the Latvian Radio choir.

The character of the musical material is created by using the zoom-in principle as a metaphor, resembling the overall artistic goal – to look deeper in nature’s processes.

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