Annti poch Rieko
We are happy to see Rieko Okuda and Antti Virtaranta back at EMS!
Rieko Okuda is a Japanese pianist and a composer. She studied classical music in Japan, and then jazz in the United States. After her studies, she decided to move to Berlin in order to open her range of musicality. She explors her interests on different kinds of scenes: improvised music, 
noise, avant-garde pop/rock, contemporary classical music, jazz, etc. In Feburary 2018 she released her first solo Album "paranorm",  
an experimented piano solo with feedbacks.

Antti J Virtaranta is a Swedish-born Finn, a bassist and composer. He performed locally while studying jazz in Philadelphia and has since played everywhere, from festivals to small coffee houses, and in a variety of styles. He currently resides in Berlin and regularly performs with different projects throughout Berlin and the EU. He has performed with Elliott Levin, Tristan Honsinger, Harri Sjöström, to name a few.  Currently he is focusing on his solo electronic and bass music that translates to the small group settings that he is involved in.