Sam Conran (b.1989 (UK)) aka Orbs Asunder; is a British Sound Artist, Hardware Hacker and Composer of Electro Acoustic music based in Leipzig, Saxony.
Conran's work is a hybrid of procedural based computer music and live electronics focused primarily on exploring speculative apparatuses within the fields of psycho-acoustics, cybernetics and complex systems. Conran has shown work and performed internationally with highlights at Moogfest, North Carolina (USA), ACT Festival, Gwangju (ROK), Cyberfest, St. Petersburg (RUS), and ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE). Conran was chosen in 2016 by Resonance FM to receive the Jerwood young composers commission and was nominated for the Ars Electronica STARTS prize in 2015 for his work, the Kabbalistic Synthesiser.
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