Photo by Evert Palmets

Ekke Västrik is a composer interested in both electronic and acoustic, musical and found sounds. In his compositions there are often mixed traditions and mediums. One of the research topics for Ekke in his composition is how to transfer different ideas from one medium to another, and see how the meaning of the original changes in this process. For example his composition “Origami” is a graphical score based on folding   a paper crane that can be seen as a variation of form from 2d paper, to 3d folded sculpture, to 2d graphics, to score, to music.

Ekke Has studied electroacoustic composition in the Estonian Music- and Theatre Academy and is now studying classical composition.
Besides composing Ekke is also actively performing live with his eurorack modular synthesiser. He has studied free improvisation for four years and searches different ways of playing and different expressions with his modular synthesiser.

In 2015 he released the solo album “Chasm” as side project. It was released by small label Detroit Underground. Chasm has instrumental electro-accoustic music, mainly glitch, insect-like microbeats, bass drum, and nostalgic analogue synth sounds. Also bit of sound design and field recordings.

Ekke has also studied sound design for film in the Baltic Film- and Television school and he still gets lot of inspiration working with field recordings and is still recording most of his own samples using different recording techniques.