ReVerse Bullets is an audiovisual collective conceived by
Klaas von Karlos in Brooklyn in 2009. The debut release,
2012’s “Drapetomania!” was an audiovisual album fusing
twisted samples of capitalist, western & religious propaganda against syncopated industrial drums, ambience, and dialectic imagery to create a sensory experience that is part sonic essay, improvisational electronica, and dissonant Revival. The release was nominated for “Best Mashup” at the MashRome 2013 Film Festival. Since inception, ReVerse Bullets has performed at media arts festivals and venues in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. Current members
of ReVerse Bullets include Klaas von Karlos, Kevin Ramsay, Ædelwulf, and Marcus. 

Klaas von Karlos is the musical alter ego of Berlin-based filmmaker, audiovisual artist and writer Jon-Carlos Evans.
A native of Saint Louis, USA, he holds a BA in Film Production from Webster University-Saint Louis and an MFA in Media Arts Production from CUNY-City College of New York. Under the alias Klaas von Karlos, he is also a live member of the band BIINDS. His most recent projects include the 2016 album “The Mansa Musa Affair, the Naked Sweatshop EP with vocalist Kyoka Jinjabrew, and the film, “All Tomorrow’s Children.”

Photo by Laurie Bagno Di Aire
KVK Amorphous Fest2017