Kohei Gomi aka PAINJERK
Born: 1963
Gomi started home-recording when Tascom released a 4 channel cassette multi-recorder named “Porta-One Studio” for beginners in 1984. His live performances under the name PAINJERK started in the early 90s. PAINJERK has released "countless cassettes” from self cassette label named AMP plus minor labels worldwide. Achim Wollscheid has had played PAINJERK tracks and proccessed it on radio programs in Germany, and there are some releases of vinyls or CDs from various labels such as Harbinger Sound (UK), Creativeman Disc (Japan), Alternative Tentacles (USA), No Fun Production (USA), ALKU (Spain), Second Layer Records (UK), Editions Mego (Austria), etc.
Gomi also did some collaboration works and has released CDs with Jacky Stweart (aka Smegma / USA), John Wiese (USA) and Russell Haswell (UK) among others.
He has participated in several festivals like No Fun Festival (USA), Avanto (Finland), Avant Music Festival (Poland), LUFF (Swiss), All Ears (Norway), London Contempolay Music Festival (UK), Kill The Silence (Hong Kong), Multipletap (London Edition) Nodutgang Festival (Norway) and has toured Europe tours in the past. 

As PAINJERK Gomi did several live sessions with Zibigniew Karkowski, Russell Haswell, Consumer Electronics, Paal Nilssen-Love, MoE, etc.