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Seth Horvitz is an interdisciplinary artist from California (now residing in London) whose 20+ year history weaves in and out of both dance music culture and academic circles. His work focuses on the limits of perception and the idiosyncrasies of machines, and his most recent project Rrose applies these ideas in order to create a distinctly immersive and noisy, yet highly detailed form of techno meant to control the mind and body in equal measures.

From this core, the project extends its tentacles into specific pockets of the avant-garde, leading to collaborations with artists such as Bob Ostertag and reinventions of works  by 20th century composers such as James Tenney. Rrose’s first release in 2011 on Sandwell District came cloaked in mystery as to its creator, as did the following collaboration featuring Bob Ostertag’s Buchla 200E synth and a string of vinyl releases on her own Eaux label starting in 2012. 

In recent years, Rrose has appeared at festivals, museums, clubs, and forests across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, including MOMA PS1 (New York), Unsound (Krakow),  Labyrinth (rural Japan), Mutek (Mexico City and Montreal), and Berghain (Berlin).