Nikolina Mazarakis is a Greek-American interdisciplinary artist and musician currently residing in Baltimore, MD, USA. Blending many disciplines, her work
is an exploration of how our experience of time affects the way we view the world. Using the mediums of film, sound and visual art Nikolina creates
environments that disassociate the viewer from time and scale to reveal the beauty hidden in plain sight.
Through her passion for understanding structure, Nikolina has developed a body of work that deconstructs and recontextualizes the everyday world,
presenting the viewer with a quantum view of the ordinary. In her time at EMS, she will be working on the Buchla systems, studying these conceptually
reciprocal relationships further through research and experimentation with various forms of generative synthesis.
Nikolina is also the owner and founder of Pepto Palace, an artist collective in Baltimore, MD.  
You can learn more about the collective and her work at