valeria roberta

Robinija aka Roberta Busechian (b. 1990), is a sound and visual artist. After living in Venice and Berlin she moved to Milan in 2015. Some of her projects include visual arts, art in public space, performaces and sound installations. She participated with her works in many exhibitions around Europe: Venice, Milano, Verona, Vicenza, Trieste, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Berlin, Salzburg, Graz, Weimar. Her sound performances where presented at international festivals like Hoergerede-Elevate Festival in Graz (2014) and Transmediale Vorspiel in Berlin (2015). In 2013 in Berlin she worked with music therapy for patients at retirement homes. She holds international laboratories and conferences about sound art, and in 2015 she was the assistent of the artist Bill Fontana.

From 2015 she is a Professor at the Master Sound Art (Ard & nt Institute: Accademia di Brera e Politecnico di Milano) and writes for the magazine DIGICULT. Roberta is the founder of spazio (T) Raum, a non-proft exhibition space dedicated to sound art based in Milan.

Alvax aka Valeria Di Sabato, born in Sicily (1987), moved to Milan to follow her passion for sound design. In Sicily, her interests were conceiving electronic music and the production of experimental sounds. In Milan she attended a three year course in Sound Design and then a Masters in Sound Art. She worked with many internationally established sound artist and professionals in the audio field like Bill Fontana who gave her new ideas and ways to approach audio recording. She started to work with a hydrophone, recording sea waves in the summer period. The recordings were used to create the installation: “Frag_mented Underwater” in Milan at spazio (T)Raum.

Combining her passion for video games and music she discovered how to play using old consoles like gameboys and she became part of the micromusic Italy group playing in Milan (Leoncavallo). At the same time she was playing festivals and clubs with Robinija aka Roberta Busechian, a sound artist and founder of Spazio (T)Raum. She also performed at Cadorna Triennale in September 2016.

The residency of Valeria Di Sabato and Roberta Busechian is kindly supported by the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm.

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