Eero Pulkkinen & Sunny Seppä
Eero Pulkkinen is sound- and multimedia artist, sound designer and musician from Helsinki. His works have been exhibited in Finland and abroad in numerous exhibitions and international film/art festivals. He is working with music projects such as Running, New Sincerity and W. He is also focusing on site specific sound installation, concerts, installations and radiophonic pieces. He has done sound design for experimental video art, films and for contemporary dance and theatre pieces and is currently finishing his MA-sound design studies at Väs, University of the Arts Helsinki.
Sunny Seppä is a musician, event organizer, multimedia artist and a Dj from Helsinki, Finland. He’s had numerous showcases in and out of Finland from small d.i.y. events to big international festivals. He's had releases on Helsinki based labels. Musically ranging from hc-punk to different shapes of ambient and electronic music.