Samuel Hertz is a Berlin-based composer, researcher, and curator working at the intersections of psychoacoustics and expanded listening practices through
electro-acoustic works, live electronics, collaborations with performance companies, and essays. He received his MFA at Mills College, studying composition
with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, and Zeena Parkins, and producing/performing with Morton Subotnick.

His work has recently been performed in France, Germany, and Belgium, as well as Center for New Music, BAM/PFA, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts,
and Harvestworks (USA), among others. He is currently Artist/Curator-in-residence at the experimental music project space/venue Liebig12 (Berlin, DE).

As a recent recipient of the DARE Prize for Radical Interdisciplinarity (University of Leeds/Opera North: Leeds, UK), his current research project concerns
affective crossings between humans and environment, ecological soundings, and geophysical/atmospheric infrasonic sound. Upcoming research includes
publications in association with Studio Tomas Saraceno and the Royal College of Art/Imperial College (London, UK), and a paper entitled "Toxic Music" to
be delivered at the American Association of Geographers in April 2017 (Boston, MA).

Samuel Hertz bnw

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