Kara Lis
Photo by Scott Pilgrim
Kara-Lis Coverdale is a Canadian composer working in digital and acoustic media that, as musicologist Adam Harper writes, “is able to navigate new
vocabularies and ecologies with a peace and accord we cannot yet comprehend.” Kara-Lis has been church organist and music director at several churches
across Canada since age 13, and studied musicology, media, and composition at Western University where she first discovered electroacoustic music
and wrote a masters thesis on timbral realism in recorded musics with a special focus on the equalizer.
After widespread praise of her electronic work, some of which has been centered around the data-rendered voice, she now performs internationally including in
renowned theatres and cultural centres like The Barbican, Theatre du Chatelet, Krakow Philharmonic, and Teatro Circo in Braga. She has held residencies at
GRM Paris and EMS Stockholm. She is the recipient of a Most Promising Young Artist award presented by Ann Southam and has been named “one of the
most exciting young composers in North America” by the Guardian. She is currently working on a commission for electronics, actors, dancers, and reactive
visuals for Vanemuine Theatre in Estonia to be premiered in late 2017.