Leo Méndez is a Mexican composer / visual artist mainly focused on modular synthesizers. His work merge music, design and technology inspired by synesthesia
and music visualization. He started in the modular world at early age with a Buchla 200e system producing tracks for short films, advertising and tv shows.


In 2010 he started a Electronic Rock Prog band called Peludo releasing his first conceptual album in 2012 “ Metatron”, a journey full of vintage Synths
mixed with a story of lycanthrope prince. Now it’s working in a new live set / installation called HIKARI:MACHINA, inspired by Subotnick and Bauhaus Theatre.

HIKARI:MACHINA is a project that merge light control with modular synthesis in an audio rhythmic piece, a machine driven ballet where the main actors
are LED lamplights and the conductor is a modular synthesizer.

His work go beyond performing, he is constantly sharing knowledge and creating communities around synthesis. He conducts workshops, lectures and
talks on different cultural spaces around Mexico (SAE Institute, CCE, Visiones Sonoras) bringing new people to the growing synthesis community.
Leo also works as spanish translator on Make Noise modular manuals.