Marie Rose Sarri is an Italian sound artist born in 1974. By using conventional musical instruments, analog and digital instruments, field recordings, self built samples and all that can create sounds and noises, she aims to build music first of all, without particular etiquettes, but every time with different concepts.
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Marie Rose has released solo albums, EP and split for Chemical Tapes (UK), Time Released Sound (USA), Phinery (Dk), Laverna (IT) and many others. She has contributed to many compilation projects focused from a range of international labels, such as: .txt (UK), Comfortzone (Au) and so on. She works with many monikers referring to just as many concepts (Marie e le Rose, Moon RA, MonoLogue,...).
She composes and realizes music for radio, tv and movies. She realizes sound design for video installation, for mapping and for many other performances (e.g.: Apparati Effimeri, vIDEA,....). She has promoted collaborative works with amazing musicians like Giuseppe Cordaro, an italian sound sculptor; Giulio Aldinucci, an italian electronic artist; Philippe Lamy, a french painter and musician; Nicola Corti, an italian multi instrumentalist and composer; Daniele Principato, an italian sound engineer.
She has performed and exhibited widely at festivals, museums, galleries, theatres and independent art spaces, among others: Festival Sons Libérés (Bruxelles), Festival La Centrale (Bordeaux), FreeQ (Genova), MamBO museum (Bologna), Galerie Hus (Paris), The Castle (London), Hundred Years Gallery (London), Spektrum (Berlin), ...... Her installations have taken place at: Pecci museum (Prato), Palazzo Reale (Milano),...
With the sound engineer Piero Bernardini she founded FixInTheMix LABS: a concept studio specialized in mastering, mixing, sound design composing, restoring and recording. She works with music therapy, music art therapy and is a sound researcher. Links:
Marie Rose’s residency is kindly supported by the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm.
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