Curator, artist and researcher. He studied art in San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. For some years he has been deeply involved in phonographic practice and the resulting theory. He has given workshops in a number of cultural centres and universities. He forms part of the team behind the sound map of the Basque Country,, and Hots! Radio, as well as the dissemination portal. With José Luis Espejo and Xabier Erkizia, he currently coordinates The Listening Observatory.
Mikel R Nieto EMS 01
He has worked on numerous occasions in partnership with dancer and choreographer Jone San Martin in different dance projects for its sound design. His book "Dark Sound" was recently launched by German publisher Gruenrekorder. It describes research he conducted in 2014 on the impact of the noise, direct or indirect, generated by the oil industry in its different phases of development among towns, the environment and wildlife in the Amazonian jungle in Ecuador. 
Mikel's Residency at EMS has been made possible by the kind contribution of the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm.